Kairros provides professional advice on a range of health management and re-employment issues for employers, insurers and clients.

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Return to Work Services

Kairros has provided Return to Work Services since 1994.

Over this time, we have assisted thousands of people cross Australia to successfully return to work via our outcomes-focussed delivery model.

At Kairros, we believe in equitable recovery for all, so we’ve built our service offering around supporting and embracing diversity. We provide a range of unique services to minimise both the social and financial impact of workplace injury and illness, and to maximise the benefits that come from employment, both for health and productivity. We work with both injured clients and their employers in overcoming obstacles to ensure workers are able to remain at work whilst recovering or safely return to work. 

Services include:

Same employer

Our specialist Rehabilitation Consultants work collaboratively with both injured clients, their employers and treating parties to overcome obstacles, to ensure workers are able to remain at work whilst recovering or safely return to work as quickly as possible.

New employer

Our Rehabilitation Consultant work closely with each client to assess their experience and skills, undertake job preparation and seeking assistance, and use their problem solving and creativity to find new employment opportunities for clients.

Early intervention

Time is a crucial factor to ensuring successful return to work outcomes. At Kairros we offer a unique Rapid Assessment service that gets put into action as soon as you call us.

Our team of specialist Rehabilitation Consultants are available across Australia


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