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Ergonomic Assessments

With more and more work being computer-based, it is vital that computer workstations are set up safely. Kairros offers best practice ergonomic assessments which consider the nature of the task being completed, the visual demands and the user themselves.

Ergonomic workstation reviews

These reviews:

  • help identify physical and/or psychological requirements of a worker’s workstation
  • provide recommendations for workstation adjustment/modification
  • provide recommendations for equipment required to address or prevent symptoms

"We have partnered with Kairros for over 10 years, one of the key areas they have helped us with is around working with staff in our head office on ergonomic assessments where they have performed both a training, and an individual 1-1 assessment function to assist our staff to work in the most safe and effective ways. Our staff love this service and we love it in the way it has proactively helped reduced injuries at work."

Harper Collins

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