Kairros provides professional advice on a range of health management and re-employment issues for employers, insurers and clients.


Expert advice, insight and experience on a diverse range of topics ranging from Telehealth to Addiction has been shared by Kairros together with Medilaw Group.

In case you missed the chance of meeting a consultant or two at the live sessions, all the webinars are recorded so all you need to do is register below to view the on-demand recording.

Chronic Pain – A multifaceted view of a complex problem


  • Dr Terence Lim
    – Pain Physician, Medilaw Group
  • David Riley
    – Account Manager, Kairros
  • Galit Bailey
    – Psychologist, atWork Australia

Concussion – The knock on effects


  • Dr Noel Saines
    Neurologist, Medilaw Group
  • David Riley
    Account Manager, Kairros
  • Evelyn Chen
    Neuropsychologist, Medilaw Group

Opioid Addiction


  • Dr Noel Plumley
    Addiction Medicine Specialist, Medilaw Group
  • Dorothy Frost
    Research and Innovation, MedHealth
  • David Riley
    Account Manager, Kairros
  • Lucy Hartley
    Claims Service Manager, Swiss Re

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes


  • David Riley
    Account Manager, Kairros
  • A/Prof Peter Steadman
    Orthopaedic Surgeon, Medilaw Group
  • Dr Simon White
    Occupational Physician, Medilaw

Understanding the Cultural Factors that Impact Recovery


  • Dr Ghazala Watt
    Psychiatrist, Medilaw Group
  • A/Prof Michael Robertson
    Psychiatrist, Medilaw Group
  • Danielle Brown
    General Manager, Kairros

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