Kairros provides professional advice on a range of health management and re-employment issues for employers, insurers and clients.

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Night Shift Rehabilitation Services

Many businesses or services never shut down, with round-the-clock shifts and therefore round-the-clock workplace health and safety needs. That’s why Kairros provides specialised night shift rehabilitation services.

In the past, there has been limited or no support for a worker to be monitored and supported during the night. Kairros is the only provider to provide a solution for shift workers.

This service provides all the components of regular services at a time which is most suitable for both the worker and employer.

Key service delivery principles


Weekly worker engagement

  • Health and wellness profiling
  • Education on principles of fatigue management
  • Assistance with treatment planning scheduling
  • Liaison with NTD to facilitate appropriate medication as per night shift demands


Return to work planning

  • Evidence based shift design and scheduling
  • Documentation of treatment scheduling and medication planning
  • Consideration for supervisory constraints
  • Onsite fortnightly review of RTW Plan in pre-injury night shift environment


Value add services

  • Development of night shift suitable duties register
  • RTW training for night shift supervisors and line managers
  • Risk profiling and reporting for night shift injuries

We also provide:

  • An online chat room to answers questions and provide advice for employers and workers as part of the rehabilitation and recovery process. Available 24 hours a day with an experienced Allied Health Professional
  • Education regarding employer safety incentive (ESI), return to work incentive (RTWI) and return to work assistance program for micro employers


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