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Improving self-care and independence

Social isolation can significantly hamper recovery. As an early intervention, or to overcome chronic incapacity, Psychological ADL Assessments focus on improving self-care, independence and social engagement.

Repeat visits can be used to support and ensure safety for a client as they engage in day-to-day activities, as independence in ADL forms a strong foundation for a safe return to work.

Your Kairros OT will support: 

  • Achievement of goals
  • Building confidence
  • Ongoing safety
of participants achieved a positive outcome
achieved improved completion of self-care and daily living activities
achieved improved social engagement
achieved improved access to treatment

"The client had a very complex psychological history including ataxia, narcolepsy and cataplexy. In a period of isolation, the client commenced online art classes and re-commenced walking their dog with their partner to strengthen their relationship."

Kairros Rehabilitation Consultant

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