Kairros provides professional advice on a range of health management and re-employment issues for employers, insurers and clients.

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Guiding employers safely back to work

Kairros will ensure the safety of your workforce in their return by providing training and assessment services targeting key areas.

Accountability for results

Key to Kairros’ success in delivery of training programs, is our accountability to results and therefore, return on investment. Kairros’ training programs are measured according to Kirkpatrick’s Four Level Training Evaluation Model.

The four levels are Reaction, Learning, Behaviour and Results.

Each of these aspects is measured in order to both ensure effective change has been elicited, as well as to improve future learning processes of the workforce.

Educational excellence framework

Training features

  • Audience-specific
  • Interactive
  • Integrated technology
  • Practical

Demonstrable outcomes

  • Pre and post surveys
  • Exclusive learning materials to keep
  • Reduced injuries and absences

Three key areas

Kairros delivers a high-quality re-employment screening, aimed to identify the risks associated with employees who have been off work due to COVID-19. Our clients rely on our expertise to prevent musculoskeletal injuries walking in through their front gate with returning employees.

Kairros utilises proven assessment processes, as well as the skills of its highly trained Consultants, to provide a premium quality and comprehensive screening service. Our team endeavours to understand the unique demands of your business environment, specific job requirements and time pressures, with the view to developing a targeted and customised re-employment solution to your business.

Kairros is committed to delivering a financial saving to your business.  This is achieved through reducing your exposure to incurred claims costs from injuries to returning employees, subsequently contributing to a reduction in your workers’ compensation premium.

Kairros has a track record of success in focusing on identifying pre-existing injury, risk of future injury and functional capacity. In addition, in order to address the specific risks associated with COVID-19, Kairros will also complete cardiovascular fitness testing and comparison of previous assessment (where available), to confirm suitability and risk of an employee returning to duties.

Kairros will provide targeted, specific Workplace Performance Training for your staff in order to decrease risk of injury upon return to, or upgrade of duties following COVID-19. As with any absence from work, deconditioning and loss of familiarity with safe task completion is bound to occur. Kairros’ training package will address these factors via the principles of the National Code of Practice for Manual Handling, as well as provision of expert advice regarding hydration and exercise re-conditioning. We ensure that the training is interactive and provides a solid foundation of knowledge through practical demonstration, application and re-enforcement via competency assessment.

Core Service Delivery Outline

  • Work group pre-visits, to conduct task analysis of stated key tasks for your workforce
  • Customised training sessions, assessment protocols and Competency Assessment checklist for each workgroup and task
  • A coordinated training schedule in consultation upon acceptance (Kairros is happy to provide training outside of business hours to ensure no loss of productivity. This provision will incur a 15% fee loading)
  • Practical demonstrations and assessment to be undertaken (Kairros to coordinate availability of required equipment (if applicable) prior to each session, as per negotiated training schedule)
  • Group reporting including risk profiling, trends and WHS recommendations provided to you upon completion.

Kairros’ training will be customised to your workforce and the specific work group tasks via photographic footage obtained during pre-visits, pending consent. All obtained information and footage/photography will be handled with the strictest confidence by Kairros in line with our Privacy Policy, relevant privacy legislation and intellectual property principles.

  • Time: 1-2 hours
  • Who’ll benefit: all staff who complete or supervise manual handling
  • Outcomes: practical stress management strategies
  • Cost: $700 + GST*

Staff returning to duties following COVID-19, will likely be faced with a number of cognitive and psychological challenges, including social reintegration, adjustment to working in a crowded environment and loss of cognitive fitness. Conducted by mental health experts, this training package includes advice on best practice for routine management, to ensure maximum productivity from day 1.

In addition, Kairros will also provide staff with memory training exercises to recapture cognitive fitness and concentration. Furthermore, Kairros will provide guidance on optimum social re-integration in order to ensure a cohesive team environment – a factor we know to be key in achieving business goals.

Time: 1-2 hours
Who’ll benefit: all staff who complete or supervise manual handling
Outcomes: practical stress management strategies
Cost: $700 + GST*

As you move through the recovery process there may be questions that you have along the way. That’s OK. We have included below some of the commonly asked questions that we get. Of course, if there is another question that we can help you with, please talk to your Kairros consultant, call us on 1300 547 767 or complete our online enquiry form.

Kairros is a rehabilitation provider. We work with people unable to work due to injury or health concerns. Our role is to work with you and support you to recover. We’ve been asked to contact you either by your insurer, employer, doctor or service provider to help you return to health and work.

We’ll work with you to create a plan to help you return to your usual life, better health and work quicker. We’ll listen to your needs, speak with your doctors or people who are treating you to ensure your treatment plan is appropriate and connect you with any community resources you may need. We’ll also make sure you’re prepared for each step of your plan and guide you through to recovery.

We are unable to provide advice on insurance payouts, wages and reimbursements or legal matters.

It’s free to you. Our service is part of your insurance entitlement.

While your insurer may make the referral to us, we’re here to advocate on your behalf to ensure you’re getting the right services for your individual situation.

We don’t just aim for return to work, but return to all the activities and responsibilities that you enjoy in life. This means we’ll help you get better so you can meaningfully participate in social, family and community activities. If you’re unable to return to work, we will connect you with community resources to help you.

Returning to work is good for you. There is a great deal of research that backs this up. Work boosts your confidence, helps with emotional and mental wellbeing and aids recovery. But we’ll only encourage your return to work when we’re confident it will benefit your rehabilitation and it fits with your treatment plan.

It’s been proven that people feel happier and healthier when they return to work. By working even reduced hours and activities, you’ll be able to feel more in control of your situation, increase your confidence to eventually returning to your previous role and hours and keep connected with colleagues.

No, we will work together with everyone, including your health practitioners, doctor, and employer, to ensure you return to work at the right time and in the right capacity. If you feel you are unable to return to work, speak to us and we will look at adapting your plan so we can get you to a point where you will feel ready.

First, we’ll speak to your employer to help identify tasks and activities that are safe for you to do and that will aid your recovery. If your employer is unable to provide suitable activities, together we’ll look at different options to keep you active, such as working at an alternative employer or volunteering. Once you are fully recovered you can return to your previous employer.

If you are unable to go back to your old job, together we’ll assess the next best option for you. This may include a modified or new role with your current employer or assistance in finding alternative work. We will assess your experience and skills to set some new work goals for you and prepare you for a career transition and the job seeking process.

A vocational assessment helps identify different job options for you. It’s a series of questions about your skills, experience, job history and interests to help you find new suitable job you can apply for.

You need to actively participate in the treatment plan that has been recommended for you. We ask you to work collaboratively with us and your wider team (health professionals, employers and insurers) and to communicate with us your concerns and needs.

Yes! Not only does injury affect your role as a worker, but also as a community and family member. You might have hobbies, sports or activities outside of work that are affected. We will work together on a plan to get your life back.

With your consent, we share relevant information with your insurer, doctor, employer and health professionals to ensure we’re providing the right service for you.

We’ll still support you for a period of time to ensure your job / work is sustainable for you and that you’re happy, healthy and recovering.

COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus that we are still learning more about each day and advice is changing regularly. Kairros has optimised our preparation and ability to manage any issues that may arise from the COVID-19 outbreak and is well positioned to access information and expertise. For more information, read more here.


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