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Working on a visa

Did you know that visa costs range from as little as $285 taking one week to process, up to $3800 taking two years? A visa may last for only one day or may entitle the holder to a permanent stay in Australia.

Working on a visa

A visa that suits the work intended is required in order to work in Australia.
The Australian Government offers work visas for people that are:

  • skilled workers
  • participating in specific activities
  • working holiday makers
  • highly specialised workers
  • trainees (short term)
  • experienced business people and/or investors
  • Australia’s offshore oil and gas industry workers

Common classes of Visa

If a sponsor is required to be eligible for the grant of a work visa, this can be sourced independently, or an expression of interest can be placed using SkillSelect.


Visitor, Student and Training Visa

Includes working holiday visas which allow for individuals between 18 and 30 years old to live and work in Australia. Extensions to this visa can be provided if work is completed in certain categories for at least three months (e.g. fruit picking).

Working and Skilled Visa

This category of visa allows for individuals who meet certain criteria to work in key areas defined as being of need by the Australian government.

Refugee and Humanitarian Visa

Allows for permanent residency in Australia and the ability to work. There are sub-classes of refugee visas and four additional types of visa which fit within the refugee and humanitarian visa category.

Other Visas

Includes bridging visas which can be applied for after expiry of one visa, but before the acceptance of another.

To minimise the impact of workplace injury and illness, we offer specialised prevention and recovery services that meet the needs of Australia’s diverse workforce.


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