Kairros provides professional advice on a range of health management and re-employment issues for employers, insurers and clients.

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Same Employer Services

Kairros has provided Same Employer Services since 1994. Our Same Employer Services aim to minimise the impact of workplace injury and illness on the employee and employer, enabling the employee to return to their daily routine and role.

Our expert Rehabilitation Consultants work closely with all parties, ensuring effective communication, the establishment of common goals and an achievable and personalised return to work plan. Kairros’ unique service model, and experienced Rehabilitation Consultants, also ensure that clients have access to a range of service that support individuals from all cultural backgrounds and beliefs to help achieve successful, equitable return to work outcomes.

Our services

  • Worksite assessment
  • Medical case conference
  • Evidence based practice
  • Functional capacity evaluation
  • Graded return to work plan
  • Appropriate medications
  • Exercise program
  • Work trial for work hardening and on-the-job training
  • Worksite review
  • Durability monitoring

Accompanying services

Night shift rehabilitation

Kairros provides night shift rehabilitation services to those businesses and services with round-the-clock shifts who require round-the-clock workplace health and safety needs.

Psychological Services

Our Psychological Services are provided by Registered Psychologists and may be completed as a one-off specialist assessment and/or in conjunction with our Return to Work (RTW) and Redeployment Services.

Early Intervention

Our Rapid Assessment is an early intervention assessment, with immediate action as soon as you call us, driving fast identification of suitable duties and getting workers back in their workplace within days of referral.

Our service model

With equality at the forefront, Kairros has a range of unique services that are available to each client depending on their needs:

Assessment of social exclusion and quality of life conducted in the client’s preferred language
We’ll help clients navigate the sometimes confusing insurance schemes that they are recovering under
Innovative technology to reduce the requirement of an interpreter which increases the trust and rapport built between the client and Kairros
Education Packs in the client’s first language to aid in understanding of their injury and insurance systems
Social integration plan developed after assessment to focus on building the client’s social network, leisure pathways and increasing their capabilities
Database of cultural resources and support facilities in local communities to enhance a holistic return to wellbeing for the client

Our team of experienced Rehabilitation Consultants are available across Australia


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