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Motivational Interviewing

A significant or complex injury changes not only a client’s day-to-day lifestyle, but also impacts the lives of those living and working around them.

It’s often the unseen that has the most impact. Conducted by health professionals, Motivational Interviewing (MI) is another way we speak your language.

Be motivated in a different way

Motivational interviewing is uniquely structured to guide clients towards overcoming both psychological and physical barriers while at the same time establishing agreed goals.

Why we use motivational interviewing

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    Development of intervention and assessment skills

    At the core of each motivational interview is the seamless integration of top-quality intervention and assessment skills. Proven methodology is applied by our MI experts to individually guide clients towards ultimate recovery

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    Ongoing education

    Through ongoing education and professional upskilling via supervised monthly sessions, our MI experts apply the best available methodology so that clients successfully achieve their goals and overcome barriers

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    The right approach

    The latest interview techniques and successful case studies are constantly referenced and integrated throughout the MI process to ensure an outward focused and right approach for the client

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    A team effort to move forward

    Our experts regularly engage with numerous treaters to ensure that the client has the best team moving them forward. Our collaborative approach ensures evidence-based practice is not only provided, but integral along each step of the journey towards achieving psychological and physical well-being for the client

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    No time? No problem!

    Interviews are conducted at a time that will work best; be it weekly meetings at a suitable office, at your worksite or over the phone

"The client presented as a hoarder with piles of newspapers stacked as high as the ceiling. Following our engagement and through incorporating motivational interviewing, the client cleaned their house and commenced volunteering at a local retirement village."

Kairros Rehabilitation Consultant

Our team of Motivational Interviewing experts are available across Australia


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