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Compass: information for patients

The Compass Opioid and Chronic Pain Program (Compass) streamlines a combination of allied-health expertise helping to navigate and improve quality of life for people with long-term injuries.

By participating in Compass, you will engage with healthcare professionals specifically aware of your individual needs, and with the sole purpose of assisting you to better manage your pain and get more out of life.

To begin with, we’ll meet with you to see how you’re coping, how you’re feeling and to discuss your main assistance areas. From there, we determine the duration and scope of our involvement (which may be none at all), or you may benefit from a program of up to 12 weeks.

Program topics could include but is not limited to:

Health coaching on a variety of topics (including sleep and nutrition)
Tailored exercise conducted at a low, safe intensity
Specialist doctor reviews (which may include review of medication intake and treatment)

Frequently asked questions

Compass commences with a functional and psychosocial risk audit to determine action areas related to chronic pain and medication use. One of our experienced health professionals speaks with you about your pain experience and current activity levels.

You, your GP and your Kairros consultant then decide what will be appropriate next steps to improve your health. This might include specialist opinion to confirm the best way to manage your pain and minimise side-effects of medication. Once you and your GP have agreed on a plan, we will meet with you for up to 12 weeks, to discuss and address your health needs, while also completing some gentle exercise.

The Compass Program provides collaborative expertise from the best medical specialists. This means that you won’t have to wait for extensive periods to see a specialist and guarantees you’ll receive the best care available, based on the strongest and most recent research. We aim to address not just your medical needs, but your overall quality of life.

Have you experienced a long-term injury (one year or more), or have you been off work for an extended period due to chronic pain? Compass is specifically designed to help people with long term injuries, or those who have had difficulty in managing their pain with medication.

All costs associated with Compass are covered by your insurance claim.

It is expected that at the end of the Compass program you will have more energy, feel fitter, and be more relaxed. You should feel more confident in your ability to complete daily tasks such as shopping, cooking and meeting up with friends. You should also have established a better and safer medication regime.


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