Danielle Brown

As General Manager, Dani believes there are many attributes and values that are important in supporting people to build better lives through health and work. When it comes down to it though, Dani considers three main things that help to build positive relationships with our clients and gain a deeper understanding of their goals to support them in making meaningful change; be genuine and caring; have the courage to advocate for your client; and open, honest and transparent communication.

Dani leads by example, has a can-do attitude, and makes time for her staff. She creates an inclusive and fun working environment, empowering the team to deliver their best service and achieve career goals. Dani gets enjoyment out of life’s simple pleasures, including being active outdoors, socialising with family and friends and cheering on the Knights – demonstrating her unwavering loyalty despite any outcome.

Dani considers herself fortunate to be working with her talented and motivated team.

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