Kairros’ Steptember Results

The Kairros team recently ended a month long Steptember Challenge and are feeling great knowing they are fitter and they also made a huge difference to children living with cerebral palsy. Total fundraising efforts by the Sydney team contributed more than $2,000 to charity. Well done Erin, Clare, Kim and Felipe who put the majority in the kitty. $8 million was raised worldwide. The Kairros crew accounted for nearly 6 million steps. One team made up of Kaitlyn Jones, Danielle, Jackie and Sali contributed a notable 1, 307, 995 steps in the month. Team Leader David Riley said all staff who took part are now better equipped to get more steps into their day permanently. “Steptember makes you think differently at the end of every day about how much activity you’ve managed and if you can do more. I recommend it!’ he said.

A huge effort by the whole team and we look forward to Steptembering again next year to raise even more cash for a great cause!