Quality Policy

Kairros delivers Return to Work, Injury Prevention and Occupational Health and Safety solutions to a broad range of clients and customers. We place the client at the centre of all that we do. We focus on facilitating our client’s achievement of a holistic return to function and a sustainable return to work.

We believe that by assisting our client to address their holistic needs, we will facilitate a faster and more sustainable return to function and work. We ensure our clients receive services that consider their holistic needs

We take pride in providing outcome and result focussed, proactive services, delivered in a way that treats all individuals with dignity, respect and care. We seek to know the needs and drivers of our customers and put systems in place that ensure we meet or exceed their requirements.

To meet these goals, Kairros has implemented a Quality Management System that complies with the International Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001:2015. Our Quality Management System is defined in documented management procedures, which provide standards and guidelines in all of the key areas of our activities.

Each year, as part of strategic planning, quality objectives are established. These objectives are documented in Kairros’ Quality Objectives document. The progress and achievement of these objectives is reviewed at the monthly Divisional Performance Meeting.

We are committed to satisfying all requirements of the standard and to continually improving our Quality Management System. Management are also committed to encouraging all members to contribute to continuous improvement in all that we do. All Kairros personnel are required to work towards the fulfilment of the Quality Management System, and management will regularly review the system to maintain its suitability and effectiveness.

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