Alexander Brown

Alex is a Rehabilitation Counselor who joined Kairros in 2017 as a Rehabilitation Consultant. From the beginning, Alex brought to his work a focus on two things; learning and teaching. Alex’s primary goal has been to learn as much as he can from his colleague’s various backgrounds and expertise, as well as the recovery and work experiences of injured workers, for the benefit of applying this knowledge to his future work as a Senior Consultant, and eventually as the leader of a team of consultants to support their valuable work.

Alex is diligent, studious and adept in rapport-building. His thorough knowledge in work trials and other new employer incentives has resulted in excellent outcomes for clients, in spite of complex injury histories. Alex is renowned for creative vocational goals, which instill motivation in his clients. As a trained mediator, he is also proficient in overcoming conflict in the recovery process. These skills make Alex not only a highly efficient consultant, but also a vital contributor to the great culture of the company.

Alex enjoys kayaking, walking on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and playing video games to wind down.

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